Facebook Live

Facebook Live: Your key to Authority

Facebook Live

If you want to make money online, you will want to do a Facebook Live presentation on a regular basis. It is simple and easy to do. It will help you establish yourself as an authority and generate sales.

Why Facebook?

Facebook has over 2 billion users. Some of those are duplicate accounts and some are remembrance pages for loved ones. Over a billion are real accounts. This is a large audience and there are people on here who need what you have.

Facebook is interest based. No matter how off the wall, there is likely a group or two about whatever you do. Join these groups to get extra people who will want to see your live presentation.

Facebook live can go viral. Imagine you do a great presentation. Imagine people are so thrilled with your info that they share it. Or you could offer a contest for people who share (check Facebook rules). You can offer a free gift to everyone who shares. The possibilities are endless but it can get shared and go completely viral

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How Does Facebook Live Work?

Basically, you log in to your Facebook account and click live instead of doing a regular update. Then you broadcast a live webinar from your computer or phone. (Remember if you use your phone in “selfie mode” that everything will be backwards if you write on a white board.)

If you know enough about your topic, you will be considered an authority. These presentations can be any length. If you give a longer presentation it will show your audience that you are knowledgeable on the subject. The time you talk is up to you.

Make sure you give enough quality that people will want to share. Ask them to like and share. It will appear on your feed and the feed of your followers, but it can expand to many others if shared.

You can use this “webinar” to get people to your blog, a set of YouTube videos, or even sales pages. one of the best uses, is to get people on your email list.

Then you can send them to a “Squeeze page” and have them opt in to your email list and hen auto forward them to your blog post, Youtube video, or sales page.


So you can show how well you know your topic and get the word about your business to a large audience with Facebook Live. You can give them enough info to want to know more. Then gather their email address for continued marketing and forward them to the relevant info. Once you master the Facebook Live presentation, you will have the keys to being an authority in your niche and making more sales by helping more people.

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