Which Sales funnel is right for you?

Nothing to sell and no tools to suggest:

Which sales funnel will work best for you?

There are tons of models. If you are interested in sales funnels:
Check out Warriorplus.com
It is free to join and you can make commissions
selling the products they have there.

But that is not the reason I am suggesting you check it out.
If you click on a product and the JV page,
it will show you the sales funnel they are using.

It may contain X amount of upsells or X amount of downsells
and you can get all that information free by doing some research.
You can look at which products are selling the most.
You can look at which products are grossing the most dollars.
Then model your sales funnel after theirs.
Often times you can see how many upsells and downsells
and what the price points are for those options.
Sometimes you can even see what kinds of products they are…
Usually a product may have extra videos or coaching as upsells.

To be successful all you have to do is model successful people.

That will work for sales funnels. But what about your business funnel?

There are three funnel systems that I have seen success with.
There are millionaires using all three of these methods and
combinations of these methods.
Which is right for you?

Funnel Method One: Blog

You can have a blog on most hosting sites now. Popular ones are Blogger
(owned by Google and you are currently on blogger), and WordPress.
Both are free options. Blogger as stated is owned by Google so that
has advantages. WordPress has a ton of plugins for sharing socially and
SEO, creating content and ranking it. I like both.

The main draw is content. You usually have a signup box where they
can follow you or they can join your RSS feed.
They will get notified by email when you write new content.
Give as much value as you can. Suggest helpful products that will
help them achieve their goals… You can run ads on the side.

This is not a trick.
If you look to the right of this post you will likely see:
from top to bottom, the follow me by email, follow me on
Social Media and a couple banner ads…

Some people click on these and I make money. You can also
make money with adsense ads in the same place. I prefer my own
products and my own affiliate links, but adsense can make you
money with little effort.

Funnel Method 2: Email Opt Ins

Similar to the method above as far as contact…
Have someone come to your landing page/squeeze page.
Give them something of value in exchange for their E-mail address.
Follow up with an autoresponder.
Suggest helpful products that will help them achieve their goals,
or that will make their life easier…
I suggest a soft sale approach instead of slamming them with
messages of BUY NOW, instead show them value.

Funnel Method 3: Membership sites

I will probably need to do a post on each of these funnels in particular,
but this is a nice overview. Membership sites are nice residual income.
This is where content is super important. You need to give them
enough and more so that they keep coming back for more information,
software, tools, tips, reports or videos etc.
1,000 members paying you $5 a month adds up…
The idea is give them so much value that they want to stay.
You can also charge an annual fee or lifetime upgrade.
The choices are all endless.

So we covered three business models for funneling your traffic and
we covered a variety of sales methods. So figure out which one is best for you.
Do you like writing more? Or do you like residual more? Perhaps, you like set it and forget it more? Find what you like best and use that model.

**BONUS TIP** You can combine the methods. You can funnel people to
your squeeze page and suggest your blog and membership site to them via
your email campaign mixed with other quality info…

Whatever you think is best, focus on one and hit that hard with positive action.
You are here reading because you are a winner. If you have questions,
I am always here to help.

Mike Allen