How to build an email list from scratch

How to Build an Email List From Scratch

By Mike Allen
How to build an email list from scratch
If you are brand new to affiliate marketing you have no email list. You have no one to market to. You have a big problem because you have heard from Day one that the money is in the list. No list – no money… I would amend to say the money is in the value you give to your list. The more value you give the more you are worth to them and the better you get paid. Forget about the pay. Give tremendous value and you won’t be in need.

So how to build an email list from scratch?

This list building course will show you how.
The first thing you will need is a lead magnet.
What is a lead magnet? Basically it is something of value that entices the person receiving it to give up their email address.

Ethical Bribe

Sometimes this is referred to as an ethical bribe. It can be a report, PDF, video, special training, e-book, special rights or anything that helps them toward solving a problem and helps them to love you.
The next step is to deliver the lead magnet. This step has more moving parts though. You want to deliver it in such a way that they have to give up their email address first.

Deliver Your Lead Magnet:

One of the common ways to do this, is to build a landing page. This is a page on the website (one you own preferably), where they can submit their email address to get access to your lead magnet.
You can have one built at the link above or you can watch my tutorial on building a landing page in my video affiliate marketing for beginners. That video will walk you through the basic steps of building a landing page, and setting up an autoresponder.
This is the next step. You want to set up an autoresponder. (You can get a free 30 day trial clicking on the link.) What is an autoresponder? It is software that can deliver your email messages to your clients. This way when you build an email list, the software does all the work. This is one way to send them the lead magnet from previous steps.
You can send them a link to download it from your website, or you can get a Google Dropbox account and have them download it there. Either way you still want to send them the information. 

Setting up Messages:

On your autoresponder you want to set up messages. You usually click on create autoresponder, create messages, and select when to send them. I suggest two a day for as many days as you want. You want to teach them something as often as you can and suggest products from time to time. Some leaders in the Internet Marketing groups suggest 3-5 messages daily. Definitely daily as opposed to monthly or weekly. When people forget about you, they unsubscribe or worse flag you as spam.

How do I build an email list without a website?

How do I build an email list for free?
These can be the wrong questions, but you are probably thinking these are good ideas. You look more professional with an actual website. The second question implies you are unwilling to invest in yourself and your business. This will not lead to success.
There is one free autoresponder, listwire, but they brand the optins for themselves. You should be building your name, not theirs. This can work in a pinch until you get more of a budget. 
If you don’t want to have your own website (though I strongly urge you to get one), you have the option of the autoresponder hosting the optin form to gather your leads. I do not know if this is true for Listwire or not. It is true for Getresponse. Click here for a 30 day free trial. 

Where do I get the message content?

You may have noticed that you will be sending emails to your list. Where do you get all that information? If you are kind of knowledgeable in your field, you may be able to just write those things yourself without a problem.
Some people outsource their emails, and there are several ways to do that. You can buy PLR, which is articles, videos, books etc. and use those as content. (This also works for lead magnets too.) PLR stands for private label rights. Basically you have permission to use someone else’s words (work) as your own. 
Another way to get them outsourced is to hire a writer. You can head to freelancer or upwork and just grab a writer. Check their reviews and make sure they give quality work that is understandable.

Proven Method on How to Build an Email list from scratch:

A third way, (may only work in certain niches), is to buy done for you emails. Super marketer, Brendan Mace, sometimes sells his best emails as an upsell. I know he does this in Zero Hour Workdays
How to build an email list from scratch zero hour workdays
If you are going to write the emails yourself, I would suggest reading Hypnotic Writing. It will teach you how to make your stuff sell and write in a way that interests your audience. 
So we have covered the basics of how to build an email list from scratch… the machine is set up if you have applied what you were reading. Go and put all that into action and my next blog post will be all about how to build an email list fast.
To your success,
Mike Allen