Top 10 Ways to drive traffic to your offers

Top 10 Ways to Drive Traffic to your offers

So you have a website.
Or maybe you are an affiliate?
How do you drive traffic?
Here are my top 10 ways to drive traffic to your offers
(in no particular order)

Top 10 Ways to Drive Traffic 10-5

10. This blog. Hey you are reading it so that is a sign
something is working, right? I repost this to my page
on FB, and pin it to Pinterest… Google brings me
people as well. Just the other day a solo ad vendor
said that he still gets traffic from a post I made back
in December of 2016….

9. My email list. I have built it from conversations
on Warrior Forum, solo ads, conversations on FB.
I consider this a great place to give stuff away and
suggest tools that will make their life easier.

8. Facebook ads. I have made a couple sales with
this method. I have had some success with boosting
posts and with regular ads, but did not do well with Video ads.
(Not that it can’t be done, I just haven’t done it yet.)

7. Article marketing: I had recently written an article for
Ezinearticles. View it here.  But when I
got there it said I had been getting traffic to a site I have not
visited since 2008. All from the article I wrote back then.

6. Solo ads. You have to be very careful with this. There
are some great trustworthy folks and some that are
scam artists.  But thenI have found some to trust.
If you do not know what this is, you pay someone to send you visitors.

5. Clickbanking. When you have an email list started, this
is a great way to get extra people. You go to a clickbanking
group on FB and ask people to swap traffic with you. You send
X clicks then they send X back… Therefor this can be used as an advanced method.

Top 10 Ways to Drive Traffic: Get Social

4. Twitter. I have found if you find people who need
the solution you are offering, this can be mutually beneficial.
I.E. if they tweet they want to quit smoking and you offer
a PDF or Video on how to quit smoking that suggests a
product you are selling, you both win.

3. Facebook Groups. You can talk to people in any number
of groups. You can create a group as well. If you give lots of
quality to them, they will become like family. You can also
talk people up in groups that are related to something you sell.
Everyone known about how I was on a leaderboard for an
important launch by promoting a Kindle marketing product to
Kindle Groups.

2. Pinterest. I pin my blog and my videos. People find me
who are targeted to me. They searched for my topic when
they found me. It is a trickle of my traffic but highly focused
and interested.

1. Youtube. You can visit my channel here.  
Feel free to check out all the free videos. Some are
product suggestions but some are tutorials. You can see my subscribes are
low but my views are higher… More about that another day

I hope you find these helpful. I will do some more in depth stuff
on these. But I hope the overview helps inspire you. These have been my Top 10 ways to drive traffic to your offers.

Mike Allen

Top 10 Ways to Drive Traffic to your offers