How to build an email list fast

how to build an email list fast

How to Build an Email List Fast

Mike Allen
So you have been asking for me to tell you how to build an email list fast. You also have been asking for me to tell you how to build an email list free. Those two ideas are unfortunately at opposite ends of the spectrum. You can have it fast or free but not both.
Sorry to harsh your mellow…
How to build an email list fast (No Lies)
I just can’t lie about it. I will look at free methods and then fast methods in this post. That way you can choose if you have more time or money. Totally up to you! You have to figure out which business method is best for what you are trying to achieve and go with that.

So, first how to build an email list for free?

If you did not read yesterdays post, how to build an email list from scratch, go back and see the basic building blocks.
So now that you have the “machine set up” you just need to send people to your money page. This is where you collect all the opt ins and send them you automated messages.
So the only other part is traffic. This is defined as getting visitors to your site or opt in page. In this case, we want to send them to your money page to opt in.
Where do I get free traffic? Sometimes free traffic is lame, but I will show you some places to get traffic free that will help. The only downside will be it comes in slow and unreliably. That is why we will talk about fast traffic in a bit.

Free Methods on How to build an email list fast


Facebook: You can grow a following. Some folks make a separate account just for business because your aunt Margaret is not going to buy anything from you. She never believed in you and we will show her 🙂 Anyway you want to find people in your niche. You probably know who the people are that are big names. Try and friend them or friend their friends. A way to increase your chances of getting accepted is to join groups they frequent and post super helpful, quality information. If you tag them in a post that says nice things about them or their product they may be extra inclined to want to join you or help you. The people on his list are likely his buyers and then they can be yours.


Twitter: You can follow people who are important in your niche and then follow people following them. Some will follow you back. This is especially true if, again, you are providing value with your tweets. A second method is to look for people with the problem you are solving. I.E. if you are selling quit smoking patches you can do a search for people who are saying “I wish I could quit smoking” or some similar tweet. If you try and sell them directly you will fail more often than not. You should instead tell them about a video, blog post or report that can help them. This can be your lead magnet and this will add them to your list. I cover ways to get unlimited twitter traffic in my book of the same name. Click the link for a free download.


Forums: Find discussion forums in your niche. You can also answer questions on Yahoo answers, or Quora as long as you know enough about your topic. Provide useful answers and you will very likely make friends. There is usually a signature on forums or a resource link on the answers sites. Use these to send them to your money page (not your sales page as that violates the rules) and have them opt in. 


YouTube: If you can make videos or outsource them, you can make money on YouTube. You just how to know how to get visits there. You can use any of the methods in this post. Once there make sure they subscribe and have an invite to go to your opt in page.


Paid Methods for how to build an email list fast: (use caution)

How to build an email list fast Paid methods
So here we have to be careful. This is fast (usually within 24 hours). This is the point of paying. So you can run a campaign and get your traffic fast. If you are doing an affiliate promotion, you can get extra eyeballs on it buy purchasing traffic.
Also, a bit of a warning. There are TONS of bulk traffic sites where they promise thousands of hits for like ten bucks, but these are scams. I also would not buy traffic from Fiverr. It is cheap for a reason. In my experience it is fake traffic.

Google Ads: You can use their keyword planner tool and place and bid on the words that people are searching for related to your site. Send them to your opt in page to build your list. This is one of the ways to build an email list fast. This can also be expensive. Pay very close attention to budgets and make sure not to go beyond what you can afford. Start small and scale up only if it works.


Bing Ads: This is similar to Google ads, but it is part of the Bing search engine owned by Microsoft. This is a search engine mostly used by the U.S. and Canada. These are quality traffic so this site can be most useful. Just make sure to watch all the budget requirements. These are usually cheaper than Google though.


Solo Ads: This can be really great or really bad. If you click the link you can see my post about some sellers that are good. You can do your own research by going on Facebook and searching for Solo Ads Testimonials. There you can see people who bought traffic and are giving their testimonials. These will tell you if the over delivered the number of guaranteed clicks or not and the quality of the traffic delivered. This is guaranteed real people visitors so this is a real good option. you can get traffic from 35 cents to over a dollar. Look at the testimonials because price is no indication of quality. Some people overcharge and some people undercharge. Find the right person, the right price and the right value.


Facebook Ads: This is also similar to Google ads above. Instead of bidding on keywords, you compete for demographic info. You can select the age you want to target, where they live or an interest they have. Make sure you select a large enough group (around 300,000) to target. This will ensure you will get maximum exposure to your ad. be mindful again of the budget and what you can afford.

(Disclaimer: all ads and costs are run at your own risk and the owner of this blog bears no responsibility for actions you take.)

A strategy that can help you offset any ad costs:

Make money on the front end. Basically if a lead costs you $1 make more than $1 per lead… usually you will here if you spend a dollar make two. That is a sustainable model. Make back at least one, and more is always better.
So how do we do this? When they sign up they are taken to a thank you for signing up page. Instead of just a normal thank you page, send them to an offer. This should be between $7 and $17. This is low commitment since they do not know you. This should be a high converting product. It should have tremendous value as well. This can be a product you own or one that you are an affiliate of. Either way is fine, but it must have value. This is their first impression of you so make it something special. The lead magnet can arrive through the email. Make sure this is clear on your opt in form.


Let us run an example. Say you get 100 people to visit your money page to opt in. Some people will and some people won’t no matter what you do. Let us say for this example you bought a $40 solo ad and they sent you 100 people. 
A good conversion rate is 50%. This means out of every 100 you need 50 to sign up. If this is not happening you need to find out why. It is either the traffic or the opt in page. So if 50 people opt in how many people do you need have buy? You need 7 sales to somewhat break even (minus a dollar). Anything over that is gravy. Plus you will offer other products as they have joined your email list. So you will need to pick a product that converts at least 7%. 
As long as you make those “thank you” page sales you can continue to scale up your business. Make sure to offer value and you can grow your email list fast. I hope you have enjoyed how to build an email list fast. Feel free to opt in to my list at the top right or just get notifications for this blog on the bottom right.
We will have more affiliate marketing tips, email marketing tips and list building tips in future blog posts so I hope you don’t miss them. I really want to see you succeed.
Mike Allen
how to build an email list fast