Affiliate Marketing for Beginners 2

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

By Mike Allen
Affiliate marketing is simple to understand. You basically take someone’s stuff and sell it and receive a commission for it. Like a used car sales man except none of the pushy sales junk. I detest the phrase affiliate marketing for dummies. You are not dumb just because you are new. So instead this post is called Affiliate marketing for beginners.It is my goal to give a large overview. I linked the name because I have a video walk through course on my Youtube channel and wanted you to have access.
Is this a scam?
Affiliate Marketing for beginners: Is this a scam?
There are a lot of affiliate marketing scams out there. Some programs are legitimate though. If you are interested in Affiliate Marketing, you just need to figure out who you can trust. There are some affiliate marketing companies that have been around for a long time and proven themselves. There are other affiliate marketing companies that have not proven themselves. Even in the affiliate marketing companies there are legitimate products and some that just don’t work. So we will explore who we can and can not trust and how you know the difference.
How do I find something to Promote?
Affiliate marketing for beginners how to find a niche
I have a video, How to find a product to sell,  here if you want the most in depth guide. Basically, you want to find a legit company. I trust Warriorplus, JvZoo, Clickbank, and of course Amazon. These four have been around long enough and have stood the test of time. None of these have had any problems getting affiliates paid. They each have a good reputation. Amazon is actually more for physical products, while the other three are for digital products. I prefer digital products because the commission percentage is higher. The things I look for in a product are, how popular is the product, does it receive a lot of refunds, or are there a lot of negative reviews…. I typically only promote things where I know and trust the product creator.
With that Said Let’s get into the Step by Step Guide

STEP ONE: Create a money page. 

Affiliate marketing for beginners landing page example
What is a money page? In affiliate marketing, you need a page to send people to. Some people used to send people directly to a sales page, but this was an affiliate marketing mistake. With that plan, there was no way to track what was working and no way to follow up. Perhaps they did not buy because payday was too far out or they had questions. Without a follow up from you, someone else got that affiliate sale.
That should have been you. So now people send traffic to a money page. This is also called a landing page or squeeze page. This is basically a page that offers them an incentive to part with their email address. The incentive is called a lead magnet. It can be an e-book, a video or a short report. It just needs to have some value so they can trade you their email for it.

Lead magnets

Affiliate Marketing for beginners lead magnet
When they give you their email, you put it in an autoresponder. There are several but my favorite is Get response. They have good service and a reasonable price. They also have tutorials on how to do list building… This is how you grow your list of email subscribers and make more sales.
Why do I need an autoresponder? Basically, to do affiliate marketing you have to be on 24/7. Someone may want to buy from you at 3 a.m. Do you want to respond to them personally? Of course not. So your autoresponder sends out your emails (with your affiliate links) to those people 24/7. You can even make money when you are sleeping.


Affiliate marketing for beginners autoresponder getresponse
So the money page offers them a lead magnet and then puts their email into your autoresponder so that they can see your value messages. It is important to note that you want to give value. You do not want to just always be selling or they will unsubscribe. Remember that used car salesman? You do not want to be him when it comes to affiliate marketing.
My video affiliate marketing for beginners, shows you how to set up a lead magnet, how to create a money page and how to set up your autoresponder. Then you just set up your messages. Get Response has tutorials on all of their features. Setting up messages is easy. Writing them may or not be as easy.
You can write them, or outsource them. If you have no knack for writing, you can copy messages from whatever you are promoting. These are called JV swipes. It is a set of messages written by professionals to help you make the sale. If these are not available, it may not be a good product to promote. You can also make them from PLR.


Affiliate marketing for Beginners Trafic
Once you set up your money page, you need to send traffic. How do you get website traffic? How do you get people to visit your affiliate link? There are several ways, free and paid. Without traffic you are dead in the water.
You need people to visit your money page and then you need to eventually get them to your site. Affiliate marketing is all about getting people to buy from you.
Affiliate marketing for beginners is meant to be an introductory course. I will suggest some ways you can get traffic, but obviously this will not be in depth. Make sure you understand all the risks before jumping in on paid methods.

Some ways to generate free website traffic:

Forum Posting: Find a forum in your niche by doing a Google search for your niche + forum. You then join some of these forums and post valuable content. If it is not valuable or is just sales content you will likely be banned.
Facebook groups: You may join groups on any subject at Facebook. so why not join some of these groups and post valuable and helpful information. As you make friends some people are going to want to know about your website (or may look you up). They already like and trust you because you helped them so much and will likely buy from your suggestions.
Youtube Videos:  This may be scary, but think of it this way, would you rather read the book or watch the movie? You may be a reader but most buyers are not. You can outsource these if you are really scared or you can capture power point presentations. At some point it will make you money to actually get in front of the camera though.


As far as paid methods, you can buy ads at Google, Bing, YouTube, or any social media site. Make sure you have a way to recoup your losses if you spend money on ads. Research and maybe take a course or two on how to do these ads before jumping in.
Another way to get paid traffic is a solo ad. This is where you pay (anywhere from 40 cents to $1+) to get guaranteed visitors from someone else’s list. You can find solo ad groups on Facebook and the link highlighted in this paragraph gives a list of trustworthy sellers.
With paid traffic you want to make sure to at least break even. The better plan is if you can be sure to make $2 for every $1 you spend. I learned how to do that from Brendan Mace in his course called Zero Hour Workdays. I personally learned a lot from that course and recommend it to anyone who is just starting out. Affiliate marketing for beginners is an overview whereas that is a full in depth course on email marketing and affiliate marketing.


A few times I have mention that in affiliate marketing you really want to give value. In some of the markets there is a lot of competition. In making money online, health care, or dating, you may see a lot of people competing for the same people.
Before you get into a niche, it will be wise to see how heavy it is. If there are a lot of people competing than there must be money in that group… but it brings up the idea, why should they buy from you??
I hope that does not sound mean as it is not meant to be. What do you offer the buyer that your competition does not? Usually, since you don’t own the product, the customer service will be on the owner instead of you. Everyone buying product X will receive the same product and service no matter who they purchase with.

Stand out from the Competition:

This is where you can stand out. You can offer them bonuses. This is similar to lead magnets, but this is on the back end. This can be a report, a training video, or e-book too. If you buy X from me instead of Joe I will give you this special bonus. This is exclusive to buying through my affiliate link.
This will give you a huge advantage. I have a course: Affiliate marketing for beginners part 2, where I show you how to make bonuses and lead magnets with PLR. PLR is private label rights products. These are books, reports, videos etc. that someone else made and you can buy the license to. These can be cheap or expensive and usually depends on the quality. You usually have the right to edit them and make them unique to you.
So to recap, you will need a money page to collect email addresses. You will follow up with them from your autoresponder messages and make some sales by offering them value and bonuses. I will be posting more in depth about the different moving parts so toss your email in the follow me on the top right. It will only notify you when I post on the blog and you will not receive commercial messages from me. If you want to sign up for affiliate marketing tips then sign up on the left. You are welcome to do both.

Done for You Systems:

Fast Track Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

If you are new and wanting a done for you system, you may want to consider this. Brendan Mace, whom I mentioned earlier, has a program where you can get his six figure earning professional to help you dominate… You get access to sell all of his best selling products. He gives you the emails to send to your list and he provides bonuses to offer them. It is called six figure swipes and can get you on the fast track.
So I hope you enjoyed my overview of affiliate marketing. I also hope you appreciate me calling this post affiliate marketing for beginners instead of affiliate marketing for dummies. 🙂 I hope this has helped and you can do this. You may need to learn some things along the way, but if you learn and also take action, you can do this.
To your success
Mike Allen