How to build a buyers list fast


How to Build a Buyers list fast
By Mike Allen

We have recently looked at How to build an email list from scratch. We looked also at how to build an email list fast.  We also sampled some other ideas about list building.

Now we will get into the heart of the money. If there is a best way to monetize your list it is to add buyers to that list.

Before we get into that I need to correct my math from the how to build an email list fast post. I said you need 7% and that was an error.

So if you buy $40 worth of clicks and get 100 visits you will probably end up with about 45 to 50 sign ups. This means you need about 6 sales of a $7 product with this not 7%.  This is 15% and still very doable.

So anyway, let us get into how we can build a buyers list fast.

Buyer's list Time

Why is a buyers list important?

This is a list of people who have already bought and if they liked the value you gave them then they are likely to buy again from you. If you gave no value or less value than expected then they will never be repeat buyers.

There are three ways to easily get buyers on your list!

The first way to get buyers on your list is to partner with someone on a launch product. As their partner you will do half the work and they will do half and then you share the leads. Everyone who bought your product will be buyers on your email list if you do it right. This is true if you launch your own products as well.

Another way to get buyers on your list is to your list is to join Facebook groups where you know buyers are. If you buy a product and are invited to a Facebook group you know that the majority of people in that group are buyers.

You can easily make friends by being helpful and giving valuable information to the group. You will stand out and people will want to get to know you. You can invite them to a group you created or to a squeeze page for a free gift that pertains to your common interest. (Your lead magnet.)

A third way is to grab emails from people who bought through your affiliate link. This works at sites that allow you to give someone a bonus for buying through you. You then set up a squeeze page that says collect your $99 worth of bonuses and collect an email before sending them to bonuses. The dollar amount should reflect your bonus amount.


Those are three easy ways to build a buyers list fast.  You can launch a product by yourself or with a partner, you can join buyers groups on Facebook or you collect buyers emails as a part of the affiliate marketing process.

There are other ways to grab these leads. This is just a sample of some easy and fast ways to do it.  You may also ask solo ad vendors if you can buy from their buyers list. This may cost more but may be worthwhile.

The best way is really to launch your own product. We will be going into detail in another post on how to do this, but it builds the relationship with you if it is your product. Until next time, go out and win.