May the Fourth be with you

If you know me, then you know I am a Star Wars nerd…
When I was 2 years old I have vague memories of seeing
Star Wars a New Hope in the Drive in.
Yes I am old but stay with me 🙂
I remember being terrified of a 90 foot tall Darth Vader.
The Dark Side is strong and can be anywhere.
I must admit I was seduced by the Dark Side.In Internet Marketing: The Dark Side is
Chasing after “Shiny objects,”

Buying Software expecting push button results
(which they claim on the sales page)
Expecting and trying to get some field of dreams
traffic solution or some secret flood of buyers.
Maybe you have chased after these things?

If you are like me then you did and did NOT get
the results that the sales page claimed you would…
This is frustrating
and this is why many people quit or fail…

Even worse this is the designed plan on the Dark Side!
They want you to fail just enough to try
one more item that they are selling.
This makes me angry but I don’t give into hate
that leads to…

Never mind movie quotes.
My friend Brendan Mace,
he was mad about that too and figured
out how to use the light side.

He makes his money online and then teaches.
Most “gurus” make their money teaching.
I.E. they have theories but no proof of practice.
Brendan is the real deal.
You might say he is a New Hope.
He was for me…

I started learning from him about 5 months ago.
And about 2 months ago he taught me
what is now in his 10x Commissions class.
It has increased my conversions and sales.
It is about giving value over trying to get something.

This is something that works and is making
him 10k/month. His income proofs are on his blog
Does that mean you will make 10k/month?
Maybe. (Just being honest.)
I have no idea if you will follow what he says
or if you will take action or how much…
But even if you had 10% of that wouldn’t it
make a huge difference?

And what he teaches very few people are doing.
The people making the most money online are
using this same system (or similar).

So I would encourage people who want a solid
course that they can use for the rest of their
online career, instead of jumping from
course to course and spending tons of money….
The course I would suggest, for new people
or even seasoned people wanting to ramp up…

10X Commissions

I wish you the best and the people who grab it through me will get
my special bonus training “Money Talks.”

No matter what, I hope you will stop chasing
push button riches or the like. They do not exist.
I wish you much success.

Mike Allen

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