Covert Video Press review

covert video press

Covert Video Press Review

If you have ever looked  at trying to get search engine traffic from Google,
You know this can be like fighting a Dragon.
I often say Google is like a greased pig:
It is hard to catch and harder to hold onto.
Don’t get me wrong, I use Google all the time.
And when it shows me favor I adore her.
Content is king though.
Your users are interested in you to get content.
Google is looking for sites with great content.
This is not an SEO tutorial by the way.
As it is I feel like content is king is about my
best advice for trying to catch Google.
Covert Video Press Review

Covert Video Press:

The natural answer is  Covert Video store:

You can use this plug in for your wordpress site…
You can grab a free wordpress site at
Naturally most hosting companies have this integrated in CPanel.

So what can this do?
You don’t have to create content or even make a video
You can grab videos from anywhere and load them.

So what does Google love? Content.
They also love engagement.

covert video press helps engagement

What is engagement?

I know I am writing this on Valentine’s but not that kind

How long do they stay on the site?
Engagement is about how long do they look at each page?
How many pages do they look at?

With this plug in they will watch videos and be led to the next.
It has a Youtube style so there will be suggested videos.
Someone could literally spend hours on your site.

So if you are looking to grab some organic traffic,
or if you have wanted to do video but were afraid to show
your lovely face….
or if you just suck at coming up with content (it’s ok it’s normal)
Grab Covert Video Press

Can I Make Videos?

Other thoughts? Absolutely. You can make videos…
is a free option. You can take a video of your computer screen…
You can use a camera or your phone if you want to show off…

Another thing you can do is  embed those videos on your site or on your blog.
You can sometimes copy articles at article directories
if they allow it and if you give credit to the author.

Content is King so grab Covert Video Press.
You can also Google “Your Niche” and PLR
change your niche to your actual niche…
It can be a cheap solution. Content is all important to Google.
So rewrite it because it likes original content.
Make it look and sound like you.

So in the information age, content is king.
Find a way to inform and engage with your audience.
Help them all that you can.

May you be the next Google Content King (or Queen).

Mike Allen