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Facebook Marketing with Mike Allen

Facebook Marketing

Over 2 Billion people use Facebook so its the best time in history to learn Facebook Marketing!

Facebook Marketing with Mike Allen

Are you on Facebook?

Dumb question, I know.

EVERYONE is on Facebook.

So if your business is not on Facebook and you are not doing “Facebook Marketing” then you are leaving a ton of cash for your competition. They should send you a Christmas card…

Facebook marketing is ideal if you want to have a global presence. It also helps if you want to target people by interest instead of search. Google makes sense if people are searching for you, but if you are unknown, you need Facebook.

How can you take advantage of this Resource?

To really do well, you need to have a business page. You may want to create a group around your topic and you want to post quality content in groups. Also you can also take advantage of paid traffic from Facebook.

Don’t get overwhelmed though. We will cover each of those areas in more depth. These are just the basics. We will go step by step on Facebook Marketing and help you to determine what to focus on.

Free methods for Facebook Marketing

  • Grow your followers
  • Get a Business Page
  • Start a group
  • Post in groups
  • Do a Facebook live post

Grow Your Followers:

So how do you grow your followers? How many friends do you have? If you are like the average person, then you have around 100 or 200 friends. This obviously will not be a large enough group to grow your business.

Facebook Marketing Group Size

I have almost 5,000 friends and almost 1,000 followers.

How did I do it? And how long did it take?

It turns out I had almost that many friends in about 7 days. I will admit the account was aged. It was a Farmville account I had from 2011 or so. I had ten friends when I reactivated it in August of 2017.

So how did I do it? I joined some groups in my niche (marketing) and I sent about 100 friend requests to leaders in the groups. After I did this once  the others friend requested me. But I did not accept people without profile pictures or if they had half-naked pictures. Otherwise I could have hit 5k faster.

I do not know why everyone jumped on the bandwagon to be my friend. I will say that if you are posting quality content in niche related groups, it will be very easy for you to build a targeted list on Facebook. Make 75-100 requests daily and it will happen.

As a Side note, I do suggest making a separate business account. Your grandma is probably more interested in pics of your kids than she is in buying whatever you are promoting. Yes this is against their policy, but it also is standard practice.

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Get a Business page to do Facebook Marketing:

Creating a business page is easy.  On your mobile device click the 3 lines at the top right or on your computer click pages on the left sidebar. Then click create new and fill out information about your business.

You want to add your website there and also in your “about you” on your Facebook Profile. Click edit profile, edit links and add your website. This way people will find your website when they are looking at your profile. You can set your privacy to where anyone can see your profile or not.

On your business page, I suggest a header image. This image must be at least 399 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall. Loads fastest as a JPG file that’s 851 pixels wide, 315 pixels tall and less than 100 kilobytes.

You just click on the pencil and click upload photo.  You will also want to upload a logo picture or picture of yourself or your logo.

Basically, you have to decide what you want people to associate with your brand. When they come to your page, do you want them to think of you personally or your company?

Invite all your friends to like your page. It is as simple as that. If you have been building niche related friendships on a business account, then this should be very easy... You should have lots of likes right away. If it takes a while do not despair. Just consistently invite your new friends as you add them.

Start a group for Facebook Marketing:

Starting a group is different from a Like page. This is more interactive and will center around the niche you chose more than your specific brand or company. This is more the broad topic of interest. Posting helpful content in this group will establish you as an authority.

Give quality answers to their questions in a reasonable time and you will appear to have all the answers. You can set it up to notify you when someone posts in your group. Some people use the closed group function and charge for admittance to their groups. Given enough value this can be another way to make money from Facebook.

Post in Groups:

There are lots of groups around any of the good businesses. So pick a few each day and apply to join. You will get accepted in most groups. Then all you have to do is pay attention.

If you are in a quality group (one that is not being spammed with links), there will be people there asking legit questions about your niche. Insert yourself into those conversations. Give quality responses. This will build relationships, and establish you as an authority.

Another great way to show yourself as an authority is to direct them to your content. If you have posted a YouTube video about the topic of the question, or if you have made a blog post about it, give them the link with some info about where you are sending them.

Make sure they understand why they should click the link. Bonus Tip: when you see a question often enough, make sure you have a video or blog post about it. This will establish you as an authority on that question.

Do A Facebook Live Post:

How else can you establish yourself as the authority in your industry? Do a live post. This does not have to be super long. It really depends on the topic and how well you know it.

When you are seen as an authority, people feel safe buying from you.

Going live shows you know the topic and that you are comfortable sharing your knowledge with a group. This may be hard at first, but it will pay off if you are able to step out of your comfort zone.

When you go live, you can post a link to your content (highly recommended) or a link to whatever you are selling. It is better to send them to a blog post that “pre sells” them before getting them to a sales page.

Test and see what works best for you and your audience.

Paid Methods for Facebook Marketing:

On your business page you can Boost a post. This is only helpful if the content you are sharing also has a link to subscribe to your list.

So if you send them to a great blog post, that will answer common questions in your niche, or that helps solve a problem, make sure they can opt in. Put a form at the end of your post. Say something like, “if you found this article helpful subscribe for more tips.”

Phrase it however you feel comfortable with, but make sure it gets that point across. You can also recoup the costs of your paid ad by including affiliate links in the boosted post.

Instead of “selling” them, it is better to suggest tools that will help them solve their problem.

Run Paid ADS:

DISCLAIMER: The post author is not responsible for any action or inaction you take. Do not spend money on ads that you do not have. You run ads at your own risk.

If all that free stuff is taking too much time you can run paid ads. Be careful with setting your budgets on Boosted Posts and these paid ads. Start slow and build up if you see an ad is working well.

I have never had an issue with this, but it is my understanding you need to have a business page with at least 50 likes to run ads on Facebook.

You can different types of ads depending on your goals.

Facebook Marketing Ad Types

You will likely want to do Video views if it is a video ad. This may seem obvious. You also want to upload the video from your computer (or device). Instead of uploading from YouTube, you want to upload it from you.

Facebook wants to keep your traffic local, so it will penalize your ad if you suggest they watch it at another site… They discourage you leaving their site.

Otherwise you will be running some sort of text ad. It should link to some sort of content that has an optin. They do not know you so you may want to warm them up first.

Custom Audiences:

Of course, this is where Facebook really does well.

You can target by age, country, sex, interests etc. Then you can set up any combination you want. For best results, you want an audience around 300,000. This ensures that you are not too narrow or too broad with your ad.

The more targeted the more expensive the ad will be.

A balance is needed…

I will be posting more about paid ads for Facebook. These are kind of the basics. Hours have been spent on courses for these. Stick to the free methods until you are ready.


Now you have the basics of Facebook Marketing. Go out there and create your business account and business page. Then add followers. Get the likes you need. Create a group and give them value. Join Groups and give them value. And then scale up to paid ads when you are ready. It is that easy for you to master Facebook Marketing.

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