PLR Paradise Club review

PLR Paradise Club Review

PLR Paradise Club can help you make Money with PLR.

What is PLR? It stands for Private Label Rights
Basically, it gives you permission to use a
product someone else made as your own.

Can this be useful?
Don’t other people buy the same rights?
These are the most important things
to consider when buying PLR.
(Sometimes you can get these rights Free)

So, yes other people may buy the same rights.
So the two ways to get around this…
You can sell where no one else is selling
as I teach in my course PLRIFY.
Or you can edit it so it is unique to you.

You can usually edit the images and
the documents or videos. Each PLR
has specific rights so be extra careful
to read what rights you do and do not have.

So how can this be useful?
There are three ways to
Make money with PLR

Use PLR Paradise Club to create your own Product

One: you can sell it as your own product…
This only works if you make it
uniquely your own product.
This means editing the images and
the content to be yours.
It should reflect your style and personality.

Use PLR Paradise Club as a Lead magnet

A second way to make money with PLR
is to build an email list
You set up a squeeze page with an autoresponder
as I teach in my Affiliate Marketing for beginners course
Use the PLR (modified or not) as a gift for joining.
This needs to be high quality

Use PLR paradise club as a Bonus

A third way to make money with PLR,
is to use the PLR as bonuses.
When someone is looking to buy
from you or a competitor it always helps
to have a bonus product to entice them
to buy from you over them.
As long as it is a quality product this works.
I personally have bought several courses
just to get to the bonuses being offered.

And of course the question becomes,
since this is very useful where do I get
high quality PLR for a reasonable price.

PLR Paradise CLUB

So my Friend, Kenny Tan,  just released (today)
A program called:
Brotherhood Zone PLR Paradise Club
It is high quality PLR and it has a dollar trial
if you get in during the launch period.

This covers some of the basics and I
hope it helps. Please leave comments
if you have feedback on PLR

plr paradise club