Product Creation: How to Make my First Product

Product Creation

Product Creation: How to Make my First Product

Product Creation is one of the best skills to master in Internet marketing. If you have control over the product, you can control where the money goes.

Product Creation


Affiliate marketing is awesome, but sometimes you need more control.

Plus, if you have control, you can run an affiliate program…

For Digital products, what you need is content. You need to be able to teach something of value to your customers. (Don’t freak out, that is what this article will teach you.) This content can be created and delivered by video or PDF.

Basically, you can show them a video to teach them something, or you can solve a problem with an E-Book (PDF). Video can be scary, but it is probably the most effective medium currently. There are ways around getting in front of the camera.

Product Creation Content: Dine in or Order Out?

So we can see that content creation is like getting dinner.

Do we use what we have at home or order something in? Just like eating at home, if you have all the ingredients already, then making something yourself will be cheapest. Ordering “food” from someone else can cost, but it can be rewarding.

So the “Dine in” option would be if you can literally create the content all on your own. If you are an expert on your niche, this could be the easiest solution. Do you know enough about your niche to make a video tutorial or E-Book? If so then do that.

If you feel like you know quite a bit but could use help than you may want to consider Private Label Rights:

As the Video indicates there are three ways to use the content.

Product Creation: Videos

So one of the best products, in the digital age, is video. You can make a single video or a series of videos on a certain problem in your niche. These can be relatively short or in depth, depending on the subject.

So if you were in the health and beauty niche, you could make a demo video on eye liner tips, as an example. This could be used to sell your product or these tip tutorials can be the product.

One of the smart ways to make money with video is to give away a “lite” version of your video or Module One and have them pay for the rest of the information.

Another smart way to use video is to have them pay for the tutorials and on the back end suggest products. In the make up example, they could pay for a video teaching them how to use the make up, but below you could suggest certain make up that you are selling.

Use an affiliate link to take them to the resources used in the video.

How to Make Video:

This leads us to the main question. How do I make videos?

You can get a video camera out and step in front of the camera. This can even be done on some of the higher quality phones. If you know your stuff, this can be the best option.

If you step in front of the camera and make the video, people can see you as a real person and also as an authority. They can see that you know the subject matter. They can also bond with you as a real person.

The other way to create video is to create a “Screen Cast.” Basically the software records your screen and you can share the tutorial that way. People often suggest Camtasia for this. I personally use Screencast-O-Matic.

You can share a walk through or you can show slides from a product like Powerpoint. A “Poor man’s” solution would be to create slides in paint and then show them as a slide show while recording.

The other way is to pay someone to make the video. You can find people at Fiverr. It should cost you more than $5 for a good video, but this is a start.

You can also buy done for you Videos at sites that sell Private Label Rights.

Product Creation: Books

Books can be a great way to establish authority.

Some of your customers will enjoy videos and others will enjoy reading a detailed book or report. This can be a great alternative to video if you are still nervous about that idea.

How to Make an Ebook:

This one is pretty simple. If you know enough, write the content in a Word doc and convert to a PDF.

You can also find people to write for you. You can hire someone at Fiverr. This would probably be the lowest quality product though. If you know it well, but do not do well at writing this might be an option. You can rewrite what you bought. This way it would become a quality product.

Another way to get the book written, would be to hire an ebook writer. You can find people at Upwork or Freelancer. There are people at these locations that write E-Books all the time.

Where do I get the content?

So, I have already made the point that you can use what you know or pay for it.

If you have hired a ghostwriter, they will be responsible for getting the content together for you. You can guide them. You can help them and have them use certain links that you may want in the book or video.

Even if you know a lot about your niche, at some point it is nice to branch out for other ideas. This is why I like PLR (Private Label rights.) I can get a free book or inexpensive one and then repurpose it.

Sometimes the Quality is not that great. I can turn it into something great. So I can take a lackluster book and make a video. Or I can rewrite a book or remake a video with my own branding.

I will quickly review some of the places to get content:


One of my favorite sites to get content is PLR Assassin. They have free and paid options. Both are worthwhile. If you have a low budget, I would suggest grabbing some free stuff. With this site you don’t have to buy each thing individually. Your membership grants you rights to download.

You can Get:

  • E-Books
  • Software
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Graphics
  • Articles

When I clicked on upgrade to free it offered me a dollar trial. This is an easy way to grab a number of products for a dollar.

Brotherhood Zone: PLR Paradise Club

The PLR Paradise Club also has a dollar trial.

PLR Paradise Club: Product Creation

They have 1500+ different products and they cover different niches. This site has tons of products related to any of the major online marketing  niches. They have tons of categories and tons of downloads.

Categories consist of:

  • Blogging
  • Clickbank
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Facebook
  • List Building
  • Weight Loss
  • And so much more


The folks at All Private label content, have all kinds of categories.

  • Childhood Lessons
  • Narcissism
  • Anxiety
  • Retirement Planning
  • Working Out
  • Money
  • And tons More

If you are outside the Making Money Online Niche (although they have tons for that too) you may want to check out this “gem shop.” This one has no monthly fees. You just grab what you want.

Buy PLR Today

Quality PLR for Product Creation

This one also has a variety of categories:

  • Mindset
  • Weight Loss
  • Positive thinking
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Lifestyle

The good news about this is that you just buy the one(s) you want. No membership fees. Just buy what you want and leave the rest.


Product Creation Conclusion:

So, I have given you some sources on getting content. I have given a brief overview on video and book creation. And I have also shown you the three ways to use this content.

So here is a model to use:

Create a lead magnet from the content. Don’t give everything away and let it presell your actual product. This should answer the bulk of the problem your product solves. Offer Bonus content to fill any gaps in the main product. At this point you have a product and all you have to do is market it.

So naturally I will be covering the marketing in an upcoming blog post. For now, decide how you want to create your product. Choose if you want to do it yourself or get help. Then pick if you want to do video or books for your product. Then take action and follow the steps of product creation.