Residual Riches

Residual Riches:

Residual Riches

If you want to make good money with less effort, you need to create residual riches. This is money that comes in over and over again from a one time sale. This is usually from a membership site or a tool that has a monthly fee.

As an example, you pay monthly for electric and cable. Imagine they paid you a portion of people you referred to them… (I don’t know of a plan like this, sorry.)

But what if you suggested a tool like hosting or an autoresponder? These companies do have affiliate programs and they do pay monthly.

Evergreen Products:

So if you want to make a sale once and get paid monthly, you need to suggest products to your buyers that are evergreen and monthly.

What is evergreen? It comes from the trees and refers to a product that is always in demand.

Website Hosting:

A chief example of an evergreen product is website hosting. This is a product that people pay monthly (or annually) for as a service. So as they have a recurring payment, you also get paid on a residual (or recurring) basis.

Read the terms, some of them are residual, but some are one time.

So it proves to be difficult to make monthly income online…


Thus each of these are great email responders and pay monthly.

Membership Sites:

Master's Course

Some marketing sites offer affiliate programs.

My site is $9.95 monthly and pays 50% commission. You don’t have to buy the product to sell it. You can sign up here. Pays for every month they stay with it. You can see the sales page here.  That way you can get an idea of what it is about. You may want to buy a month or two to show people what it is about, but that is not a requirement.

I also know that Brendan Mace has a program. If you end up buying the program, you can sell it and any of his other programs. Bonus pages and emails will be provided for you. You can check it out here for $4.95 trial.

Similarly, Michael Cheney, has a product with done for you campaigns and guaranteed approval to promote all of his products. So you can earn commissions monthly selling Commissionology as well. That one costed $47 last time I checked.


So it can be hard to find places to pay you every month, but the effort is well worth it. The fastest way to make money online, with the least effort is to build up a list of residual riches. You may also want to start your own membership site… The residual riches are limitless.